Incorporating STEAM into Montessori education


What is Montessori?

Maria Montessori, she was considered a leader in the field of early childhood education. She believed that children have a natural inclination to explore and learn, and through Montessori lessons children learned more than they are taught, and include not only academic subjects but emphasize keeping things in order, respecting one another, and allow children a better opportunity to learn from, and teach one another.


What is STEAM Education?

“STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math) Education is more than just presentation and dissemination of information and cultivation of techniques. It is a process for teaching and learning that offers students opportunities to make sense of the world and take charge of their learning, rather than learning isolated bits and pieces of content.


Incorporating STEAM into Montessori education allows students to explore current technology in a child-friendly way.

In both Montessori education and STEAM education pay a greater focus on those activities that allow students to engage in real world problems and experiences through experiential learning activities that can lead to higher level thinking.

The co-founders of Google and the creator of shared their own experiences about their Montessori education had on their goals and dreams in their Internet career. These Internet innovators tell us that Montessori education allowed them to think outside the box, be creative, ask questions instead of memorize answers and feel confident in taking risks which coincides with STEAM education.


Let’s take a look at the 21st century requirements need to be:

1. Creative

2. Innovative

3. Organized Collaborative

4. Flexible

5. Open to the ideas of others

6. Able to think outside the box

7. Able to ask questions and know where to find answers

8. Able to manage themselves, while helping their peers

These are the qualities proponents of STEAM curriculums are hoping to see carry over from childhood to adulthood. They are also the qualities Montessori education already possess. The possibilities are endless for incorporating STEM or STEAM into children’s learning. With our teachers offering thoughtful guidance, we hope to equip children to do well in a technologically-savvy future.