31 August the Birth of Maria Montessori


31 August 2020

31 August 2020 is 150 years since the birth of Maria Montessori. Although this year we cannot fly together and celebrate this special day in Roman, we still remember her devotions to the development of early education field.


Dr. Maria Montessori was ahead of her time in her research, educational approach and pioneering work for social reform, as well as her commitment to advocating for the human rights of the child and maintenance of world peace.

For her committed efforts on behalf of children, especially in the face of the fascism of World War II, Montessori was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize (1949, 1950, and 1951), and she was the only one who was honored because of her educational accomplishment.


Nowadays Montessori education still plays an important role in education field. Today we will share some mottos from Maria Montessori.


About Children

1. Help me do it by myself.

2. Children's need for activities is much stronger than the need for food.

3. Many of the children's minds are branded with the intention of an adult.

4. Children should be loved by the adult, not by the love of the adult life.

5. I saw it, I forgot; I heard it, I remember; I did it, I understand.

6. The progress of a child is not determined by age, but by the freedom to see everything around him.

7. Children have their own personalities. He has created the spirit of the United States and dignity. The beauty and dignity is never forgotten, so his purity and very sensitive heart we need the most prudent care.


About Education

1. Teachers must give everything for the good man.

2. Stimulate the life, let the life free development, this is the educator's primary mission.

3. The educational system is based on the senses, taking the thinking as the process and the freedom as the goal.

4. Education requires only one: through the child's inner strength to achieve self-learning.

5. All children's education must follow a principle, that is, to help children develop physically and mentally.

6. Learning the correct answer will help children to complete their studies, but learn how to learn is to prepare for life.

7. We have done everything for children, will bear fruit, not only affect his life, also decided his life.

Education is to inspire life, to enrich life, to help the children with their own strength to survive, and to help them develop the spirit.


About Freedom

1. Who cannot be independent, who cannot talk about freedom.

2. The freedom to set up in the rules is the real freedom!


About Morality

1. We all know that the period of children's development is the most important period of life. Moral malnutrition and mental intoxication are harmful to one's heart as well as the health of the body. So, children's education is an important issue of human development.